IC Evolution TV is a new program of webisodes, short episodes and podcasts sharing stories about our country’s urban heroes taking matters into their own hands with regards to farming, intentional community, off-grid housing, sustainability, communal living and how their sacrifices are enhancing their lifestyles in ways we might not expect. Watching the stories of people who are taking healthy living to a new level, will awaken the possibility within all of us as we realize that our humanitarian destiny is available to all of us. The TIME IS NOW and this show will entertain gardeners, community builders, families and folks that are curious about how we can all collaborate in this new paradigm to support all stakeholders, mother earth included.

Mission Statement

To explore all levels of intentional communities through authentic and heart based media in order to encourage new possibilities for the purpose of community building, education and improving food security.

A New Paradigm Media Contribution

It is our goal to increase awareness about what intentional communities are currently doing to create more sustainable, enjoyable and harmonic lifestyles by utilizing collaborative efforts to generate significantly more healthy food, alternative energy and freedom choices from a collapsing system.

It is obvious that news is predicated on fear and revealing tragedy in our reality, celebrities and their social choices are zankavanahruling the media waves, and yet the truth about what is really being experienced in the fabric of our country is not abundantly being seen or heard. Positive media movements about the exploration of new advancements in sustainability, living communities and the evolution of community growth is limited to shows that do not have big advertisers paving their way. Our Media Contribution will be to highlight the intelligent, beautiful heart centered people who are taking the first step, or have already forged forward creating a pathway to cradle those that are looking to evolve past the current matrix of what BIG MEDIA wants to you experience.

We want you to be inspired, awakened, challenged into thinking more about community than your single standing suburban culture. We invite the conversations that want to be spoken and the stories that want to be shared.  Join Zan Kavanah and a band of Volunteer contributors on a quest to bring those stories to you.

Thank you for watching and supporting this vision.



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