Our Media Contribution is just that, a contribution.  We are in the process of growing the channel and could use the support of the community to keep this vision going, until we grow like wildfire allowing us to fan the movement in such a wave of support that we all connect in unity and gratitude.

Below are the following items we need for our show to succeed:

    • Solar Support to charge our phones, laptops and cameras on the road
    • Videographers, editors, podcast editors, budget for music, hosting, cloud storage
    • Volunteer Contributors for research and scouting
    • A Truck (jeep Wrangler 4×4) and Trailer (Jayco feather Lite) for the spring schedule


Your Contributions keep the media coming!

We are passionate in getting you up-to-date information from intentional communities around the nation.  This channel both podcasts and youtube videos will rely on your contributions to keep bringing news of what people are doing around the nation.  Your TOKENS OF LOVE help even if it is just a small amount.  If you wish to be included in our advertising or you want to nominate your favorite company to be promoted, just say so in the payment. We’ll contact you and get some details from you so we can get the word out about your company.  This is different, unusual and deep down you know its better… trust the source, all of us.  You will see the magic of how divinity really can supply all of our needs. THANK YOU, in the highest form of gratitude, we thank you.


 For a more on-going participation and support…

Kickstarter is a one time contribution, Patreon allows you to contribute monthly to supporting this mission.  Click and learn how your dollars will help to get this content up on YouTube.  If this information is valuable to you, then vote with your contributions.  In Gratitude!