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Zan Kavanah

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Understanding more about Community governance with Melanie Rios. Melanie has lived in Intentional Communities and participated in their governance processes most of her life. Today you will hear her explain three different types governance – including the difference between sociocracy and consensus decision making and finally to reinventing organizations, a new breed of governance that just might make more sense for not just intentional communities but all organizations.  She loves using “social permaculture” skills to help residential, work and learning communities become more effective and fun collective teams.  Some of her favorite tools for doing so include sociocracy, deep democracy, and non-violent communication.

She’s raised three kids, lived in three intentional communities during the span of thirty-five years, and loves growing food and playing music.

Not sure what Sociocracy is? Here's the link to a good description.


This Episode is in Gratitude to Kimberly and Foster Gamble, and all their volunteers that are helping the Thrive Movement.  Did you know you can sign up to participate in one of their Solution Hubs and work with people in your area to contribute to a cause you believe in?  Check it out!

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