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Zan Kavanah

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Mathew Whitacre is a board certified family physician specializing in Integrative Medicine, after he completed Andrew Weil's 2 year Integrative Medicine fellowship.

He decided to take a sabbatical and tour intentional communities throughout the world, started with the famous Findhorn in Scotland. In this podcast, Mathew talks candidly about his journey, his favorite ICs, his observations and the benefits of how people are working together for a more healthy future. Mathew and Zan spoke at length about a variety of topics and Mathew includes a great deal of education on the topic, including sharing some books to pick up: Ecovillages: A practical Guide to Sustainable Communities Paperback - By Jam Bang  Another book Mathew recommended was Ecovillages-New Frontiers for Sustainability by Schumacher.

This Episode is in gratitude to one of my dear friend’s Layla Fay. Layla is passionate about today's discussion - she is a devoted Holistic Life Coach and her Nourish program can help you take your health in all 4-zones (spiritual, emotional, relational and physical) to the next level.  If you're ready to make a commitment to your self-care and wellness check her out at

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