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Anyone who is learning more about venturing into an alternative 2016 – ie, bartering, new paradigm banking or just an easier way to pull off the credit cyclone designed to keep you choking on your own earnings might want to investigate the book Sacred Economics, by Charles Eisenstein. Via his website “Sacred Economics traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth. Today, these trends have reached their extreme—but in the wake of their collapse, we may find great opportunity to transition to a more connected, ecological, and sustainable way of being.”

When I began exploring how I could fund IC_evolution and a new paradigm advertising model I got inspired by his teachings.  He is encouraging us to go back to original version of currency which is a gift. In the ‘olden’ days, if your friend needed something you gifted them what they needed and it was sacred.  And when you had a surplus of something you gifted to someone who might have needed something. Then somewhere along the way, we switched to an even exchange model of I give you something and now you must give me something of equal value.  Which creates the density of exchange instead of it being a sacred gift.

Iadvertising-model get it, we’re in a different time and we are accustomed to this but… as an ARCHITECT of the NEW PARADIGM we have a choice to shift that. And as the Creator of ICEVO I wanted to try a new way to market.  I came up with a great model of Gratitude Tokens or Tokens of Love. My theory was you could purchase tokens and then you can gift those to your favorite companies who maybe are having a challenge paying for advertising.  I proposed this to a zen friend of mine out of NY and her response was that current commerce wasn’t ready for this, it was too complicated.

So I let it be.  I am a serial MANTRApreneur and use tools of the universe to keep myself working and busy, along with an amazing network of friends who support me.  Without coming to a firm plan to raise capital for this show, I began to notice that I was receiving only positive feedback about the idea, the intent and my enthusiasm around it.  After a while I started to notice that this Gifting Support was happening without me even asking for it, Sacred Economics is working and the intention to create a gifting program to keep this show going is working… and with ease and grace I might ad.

I travel around and stay with my friends, who can see I am dedicated and am on a mission of Purpose and Passion. Because of that they have been overly generous to my cause.  My friend Victoria let me stay in her home while she visited her mom for the winter, so I could focus on image1 (1)getting this product up and running.  My friend Chad Hood, knew that my car (being my only means for commute on this mission) noticed my tires were wearing low and purchased me a new set! And then he told me to get a full tune up on my car which being at 174,444M means the old girl definitely needed some upgrading. And then my friend paid for my ipad so I could edit on the fly if I needed to.  How does a girl get so lucky?  My friend’s Brandy and Glen, put me up in their home for 6 weeks to also allow me to work and then they loaned me their teardrop so Layla and I would always have a safe space if we needed.

Again I thank my lucky stars and ask how does it get any better than this? Community is like that, supporting each other where we can when we can and its not about just money… When we ask the universe for help we must stay open to all possibilities, because there is help and relief in all kinds of abundant ways. When I launched my first podcast, and decided I needed to put some marketing up there for people in my network so we could help support matching visions. My friend didn’t have a lot of money for advertising but said she would blog about ICEVO… hmmmm, I thought, this is it! This Sacred Economics is happening and without me even putting a full system in place!  SO FUN how the universe shows up…. so now, I have decided that for now ICEVO will be based only on a LOVE TOKEN and GRATITUDE TOKEN BASIS.   Anyone who wants to contribute to ICEVO can request promotion for any company and I will do my best to match them with a show or webisode that is in alignment.  LOVE DONATIONS ONLY… :-) How does it get any better?  Every little bit helps.  I actually do marketing/graphics/business coaching for the personal needs of me and Layla. If you would like to learn more about that you can visit  What I spend contributions on is hard drives for footage, tools for editing, hosting, food, gas to get to the communities and contributions people who are willing to help me.  This is the New Paradigm.  People contributing to each other for the causes they want to support.  I find this immensely satisfying to know that I wanted this to happen and it did, without me actually forcing it.  Total Allowance.  Love. Gratitude and appreciation for everyone who has taken care of me on this journey.

Why is it important to contribute this way? Because I can continue reporting on ICs everywhere and bringing you information that is not going to be on Mainstream media. Unbiased showing through moment to moment contact, what people are doing to create a more harmonious lifestyle in an alternative way of life.






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