IMG_1879 As you can see I’m pretty excited to be hanging in this picture with Maitreya Founder Robert Boleman, one of the many spirited people I met on my journey through the Pacific Northwest this summer, 2015. My dog Layla and I took off to investigate what these Intentional Communities were about. I have always been curious, mostly because where I lived for a long time the neighbors barely spoke, unless we saw each other in Costco.  We all grew our own little tomato plants here and there, making home improvements as were convenient.  I have always been fascinated in really making a difference in my own way of life and I have heard about people living together and sharing resources.   What is it like? Are they happier? I don’t know but I was going to Scout the situation and see what I came up with.  Hence IC Evolution was born. And while I am aiming towards capturing videos of these everyday heroes caring about the earth and the utilizing their own resources to generate their happier lives,  for now I am Scouting and Podcasting, until I raise enough money to really capture episodes that will share what the trends are with Intentional Communities, Co-Housing and people living together.  Is it something our country can embrace fully? I hope so, we are so much stronger as a collective than separate.  Thanks for sharing this dream and message with others.  IC (Intentional Community) Evolution – Zan Kavanah

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